Heels and Hiking Boots: What I Care About.

Some girls:

1.Like to dress up for a night out

2. Would never leave the house without make-up

3. Follow fashion trends religiously

4. Accessorize with jewelry and patterned scarves and heels 

Other girls might:

1. Throw on a pair of shorts and long socks to go for a trail run

2. Forget to change bras for a few days

3. Go on an expedition and stop showering for two weeks

4. Accessorize with Nalgene water bottles, carabiners, and hiking boots.

I am all of these girls.

I have been a model and I have been a sea kayaking instructor.

I have been a soccer player and I have worked for a fashion culture magazine.

I sometimes wear sports leggings with heels and a sweater.

I’m a girly girl and a tom-boy.


Me walking in a Cover Girl Fashion Show for Baltimore City Paper. Find more photos here: http://photos.citypaper.com/index.php/fashionable-art-show/#1.


Me gearing up for a paddle in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

This website is dedicated to all the women that don’t fall into a stereotype about women: for those that love to get dolled up and pretty and be in photographs, and for those who sometimes forget to change bras and leave on last night’s makeup as we make our way to the gym to lift some weights.

It’s for those women who are really into the latest technical moisture wicking fabric to wear while paddling kayaks, and those women who get anxious and thrilled for their latest interview at a luxurious magazine.

It’s for those women who didn’t “brave their fears” and branch out from their normal character, by trying on a dress or going for a hike. It’s for those women who truly love both, who embrace their unique personality traits, and enjoy having adventures where ever they may go: down a trail or down a runway.

As a senior at Johns Hopkins University entering the professional world, my goal is to combine these two personality traits and to have fun while doing it. These are my thoughts. Subscribe for weekly posts!




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