10 Simple Things Adventurous Women Love

Because deep down, we’re really easily entertained. 

1. Taking Your Shoes Off:

There’s nothing more satisfying than slipping off a pair of shoes after a long day, whether you’ve been dancing in heels all night or running a race. The feeling of peeling off the soles, unbuckling buckles, untying laces, and walking around barefoot is absolutely beautiful and definitely an underrated pleasure.

Shoes Off

Shoes Off: CC Image courtesy of tiffany terry and 1975 Cyclopedia of Photography


2. Being on a Team:

I’m always thankful for the different teams I’m a part of—whether it’s a sports team, my sorority, my classmates, my family, my country, or even just a group of commuters on the same bus. People going through the same experience or going for the same cause, winning a game or making it to work, will stick together and support each other. It’s pretty cool to be able to shout someone’s name and just have them know what you’re talking about…at least that’s how it goes in soccer games—two words, and everyone’s on the same page.

seniors in pi beta phi! one of my teams (:

seniors in pi beta phi! one of my teams (: courtesy of Sarah Holloway

3. A Hot Shower:

Turning on the water and waiting for it to get steamy while double stocking the bathroom with body wash and whatever other fruity scents you like, rubbing off grass stains, sweat, mud, or excessive amounts of make-up. Maybe even a bath if you’re feeling really fancy—though you’ll get a bit pruney that way.

Shower | No. 2

CC Image courtesy of PhotoAtelier Flickr

4. Going Somewhere New:

Uglyworld #2169 - New Years Day Traditioner - (Project On The Go - Image 1-365)

CC Image courtesy of Barry O’Neil (www.bazpics.com)

Going somewhere new, a foreign country or a different coffee shop, makes life more exciting. I crave variety in my days all the time, and even walking a different route to class can help. New routes and pathways can create new neurological pathways too, keeping away things like Alzheimer’s later in life. I’m no neuroscientist, but new things are always good for stimulating thought.

5. Reading:

book reading machine

CC Image courtesy of grey herbert Flickr

For those times when you aren’t out there adventuring, words do a great job of getting you there all by themselves.

6. Photographs:

Though there’s something to be said for just plain enjoying the moment and not being distracted by the lens of a camera, the adventurer likes to have some kind of a record to remind her of the moment. My brain certainly can’t hold perfect images of the Florida coastline, but my camera can—and those pictures hanging on my wall sure help. And Instagram is always a fun time—you know you do it.

Taking a Picture of Taking a Picture of the Alps

CC Image courtesy of _flowtation Flickr

7. New Gear:

New stuff, diamonds or otherwise, really is a girl’s best friend. I love the feeling of getting something new for myself—new pairs of goalie gloves fresh out of the package, a brand new dress for a date party, a pair of new boots—of the heeled or hiking variety (;.

Camera and Hiking Gear

CC Image courtesy of Charlie 2.0 Flicker

8. Changing up Your Look:

Face Transformation

CC Image courtesy of Adriana Henriquez Flickr

My sense of variety extends to my appearance a lot of the time, and I like to switch up the things I wear or how I look—sometimes people don’t even recognize me. It’s a great feeling to straighten your hair if it’s always curly, and feel like a brand new person.

9. Mastering a New Skill:

Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle

CC Image courtesy of Schwartz Wade Books Flickr

That moment a new skill clicks, like figuring out how to roller skate or how to walk in heels, is oh so satisfying. The process of learning, however, can be a bit messier—falls might be involved. All part of the process.

10. Not Being Stereotyped:

Woman Series - Double Exposure

CC Image courtesy of maggga Flickr

The whole reason I made this blog is to enforce the idea that adventurous women, all women really, don’t need to be lumped into a specific category. We can behave how we like and when we like and we’re damn good at it.


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