Why Water Bottles Are My Favorite Accessory


Reusable water-bottles, especially Nalgene 2 liter bottles, are easily one of my favorite and most important things that I carry around almost every day. There are a few reasons that I love them so much, and a few reasons I have so many:

1. They’re environmentally responsible.

Last semester, I was a campus representative for bobble water bottles whose main goal is to reduce plastic waste, pollution, and abuse by way of disposable plastic water bottles. Because buying and drinking and throwing away plastic water bottles is absolutely terrible for the environment, and that idea is starting to catch on in the mainstream.

Heck, San Francisco is making moves towards banning the sale of plastic water bottles entirely. If an entire city supports that notion, it must be a major issue. Even if someone claims that bottled water is easier to buy and drink, tastes better, or is healthier–these reasons don’t hold much weight, especially since there’s no scientific proof bottled water is any better for you than tap water. Baltimore tap water is clean and safe, and even if you don’t trust it, options like bobble or Brita include home filters for tap water that are easy and convenient and last for about 300 uses before you have to start thinking about replacing it.

Need some facts to back it up? (from Banthebottle.net)

1. One plastic water bottle can take up to 100 years to decompose.

2. The production of one plastic water bottle releases toxins and uses more water to manufacture than it holds.

3.  Plastic water bottles have polyethylene terephthalate, or PET which is a dangerous chemical for human use.

4. Bottled water can cost up to 500 times the cost of tap water.

In contrast, reusable bottles are BPA free, reduce your carbon footprint, and get rid of a lot of these nasty issues.

2. They’re stylish and cool and you can put stickers on them.


Check out my selection of water bottles above- I have a crazy amount of water bottles in every imaginable shape, size, color, and design. Most of them are covered in stickers, one has a fruit infuser inside that I got from running the Preakness 5k, and one is shaped like a little monster. I can put them in my backpack, cover them in stickers from my travels, and express my individuality through them. People are always complimenting me on my cool water bottles.

3. They’re practical.

my boat!

Water bottles are super easy to carry around, and you can attach a carabiner to them to clip it to basically anywhere you want. I put it in my backpack, clip it to the outside, stick it in a pocket, and I’m on my way. That way, I’m not always looking for a place to buy or sip some water, and I can always have as much as I want. They’re great for athletes especially, because it would be ridiculous to buy a new water bottle for every single practice. We’d go broke.

4. Drinking more water is always good for you. We NEED water.

my whole collection

my whole collection

According to CNN, drinking more water is one of the easiest ways to start losing weight.

According to this piece in Arab News, we are born with about 75% water and our growth and development can bring that percentage down to 45%.We need to drink more water to make up for these losses. It’s important for heart and kidney health, can help get rid of sicknesses and headaches, it helps maintain a balance of body fluids, makes your skin, hair and nails look good, energizes muscle, and more.


2 thoughts on “Why Water Bottles Are My Favorite Accessory

    • Christina!! I personally love my fruit infuser…you feel so fancy and it’s literally so easy. Strawberries and raspberries are especially good- it’s a worthy investment.

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