Pure Glamour: My First Red Carpet Experience and How Not to Interview


before the event!

This Monday, I got to go to my very first red carpet premiere event and interview actual celebrities and watch them drink champagne and giggle with each other and be generally fabulous. Obviously, it was awesome.

I don’t often write a story exclusively on the part of my life where I enjoy being pretty and professional, because I feel like people give me weird looks sometimes when I do. And because I feel like it sounds more feminine and empowering to always talk about my adventures in mud and grime and sweat. But in all honesty, that other half of me is going strong, and this Monday was the perfect opportunity for me to get my glam side on.

When my editor at D.C. Magazine asked me if I wanted to go to a red carpet premiere, I looked at the email and literally said out-loud “is that even a question?” No matter, that it was a Monday and I don’t actually live in D.C. and had to be up at 8am the next day to go to work. Pshaw. It’s the red carpet. And I’d never been before.

Of course, the first thing I did when I got the news was do some internet stalking, because isn’t that what everyone ever does? Before a first date, your potential mate has probably googled you, your brother, and each of your ex-girlfriends. Twice. But I digress.

I googled “Turn”, a new show premiering April 6th on AMC, and saw that it starred Jamie Bell of Billy Elliot, Nymphomania, The Adventures of Tin Tin, Hong Kong, and other cool titles as well as Heather Lind of Boardwalk Empire, Kevin McNally who’s in all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and several other fabulous names. The show would be based on a book, which already made me give it some respect: Washington Spies by Alexander Rose. Even better. Spies, espionage, NSA scandal-sneaky business and national secrets are hot right now.

the cast being goofy with each other!

the cast being goofy with each other!

And this show is about the O.G. American spy ring, who literally stole British secrets right from their Red Coats during the Revolutionary War. A story that no one has told before, about the Culper Ring- the spies that obviously succeeded because they were hidden from public knowledge for so long. You know about Benedict Arnold and Nathan Hale because they failed. But, as Alexander Rose told us at a panel after the premiere, that does NOT make you a successful spy.

This show was sounding pretty awesome, and when I started seeing ads all over the metro and online, I knew I was in for an exciting event.

Monday, I hopped on the Marc Train for that delightful hour-ish long ride stuffed in with other commuters en route to the National Archives where the event would be hosted. Upon arrival, I spotted a red carpet outside and knew I was in the right place.

Skip past the whole me-awkwardly-waiting-because-I-am-always-always-always-early bit, and I’m standing on the red carpet, my foot marking my spot that read “DC Magazine”. Big leagues.

I promptly became BFFs with the reporter alongside me and pulled out my iPhone, hoping that its devil spawn battery would not forsake me now. And then they just started walking out. Before I could even really get too nervous, Heather Lind was there posing on the carpet in her gorgeous ensemble, Kevin McNally following close behind.

Lind was the first to speak to us, and we did kind of  a group reporter session, which felt more like a fun chat. If you get the chance to do this, (lol me giving advice), make sure that you get your questions in and don’t let that one annoying guy ask question after question leaving you stand there, awkwardly smiling and nodding and wanting to kick him backwards in the shin. Pipe up and be heard; though it’s not always that easy. Lind gave us some great material about her character, Anna Strong, who she described as a kind of “early feminist” and a “no nonsense” kind of woman.

After we spoke with Lind, we heard from Kevin McNally, who told us a bit about his favorite spots in DC including Capital Grille, Seth Numrich about being one of the few Americans on the cast, Samuel Roukin who described his experience playing the villain Captain Simcoe as “delicious” and Jamie Bell who joked around with us about the cold weather filming in Richmond, Virginia and his amazing experience playing a real man, Abraham Woodhull, who made a difference in the Revolutionary War.

And then we got to see the pilot, which was fantastic…no spoilers here! You’ll have to tune in April 6th to find out.


Thanks for reading!




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